Makiswap Premium hoodies

2 min readMay 6, 2021

To reward all the Makiswap NFT holders we printed 100 official high-quality sealed Makiswap hoodies. The only way to obtain those hoodies is by owning the Makiswap NFT.

The Makiswap hoodies will only be printed 100 times and can be obtained through the Makiswap platform. The date for the claim function to be available will be announced later on.

Receiving a highly rare Makiswap hoody is by owning the Makiswap NFT.

We will be working with an escrow platform so you could buy and sell the Makiswap hoodies.

You can buy the Makiswap NFT on Rarible :

The MakiSwap hoodies have a limited quantity(max supply) of 100 units, no more units will be ever created again. You can compare these hoodies to other popular wearables such as the Unisocks from Uniswap, the only difference is that the MakiSwap hoodies will only EVER have 100 units ever made.